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innovation that can reinvent the Traditional foundation system. The KEMREXfoundation makes a construction mentor easier, which KEMREXfoundation makes you control time, cost, and increase your potential for construction management. An innovation of KEMREXfoundation can meet the demand of global expanding.


* The selection of products must be in the law of the company only.


Installed more than 6,000 trees / day. Strong, durable, long-lasting.

Solar cell 

Beautiful area Save time creating beautiful slat floors ready to use.

Slat floor

Strong and fast Ready to structure the fence within a short time

Lightweight fence

Stable, strong, easy to install Supports labels of all sizes


Quick and easy installation It takes less than 1 day to install a knock-down house immediately.

Knock-down house

to all areas, even though the site is narrow Can be installed near by the wall because there is no vibration Clean work site because no need to dig the soil.

Home Renovation

Supporting trees to prevent trees from falling. In the way that the tree grows unusually large Or prevent trees from falling from natural disasters

Tree support

Quick installation, precise control of installation time, building structure, all forms of budget, not fuchsia


Convenient, easy to install, all areas, strong, durable, long lasting


Other Products

Tree support set

Terrace set


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